Frolicking in French. It means a whimsical person.
    It is the charm of romanticism 
    that has the characteristic of refusing 
    the original function according to 
    the meaning of the word, 
    the characteristic of the diversity having 
    a few elements in small amount, 
    and trying to flee from the reality as impurity, 
    repetition and boredom.
    Based on a feminine and vintage mood, 
    we try to find a sense of hedonism 
    in everything and stimulate my senses 
    by swiping a totally complex mood.
    The capricieux tries to beautify 
    in the incongruity brought about 
    by the combination of unpredictable 
    and disparate things. 
    This is our life itself, 
    which is a mixture of reality and fiction.
    I hope that I can enjoy the value system of beauty 
    according to the preference of the individual 
    rather than trying hard to understand 
    fashion with a stereotyped standard.


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